Engine Treatment

Engine Treatment

$27.75 USD

Bi-Tron Engine Treatment coats all metal surfaces with a protective layer of molecules resulting in lower friction.
Compatible with All Types of Oil.



  • Quieter, smoother running engine
  • Greater fuel efficiency due to reduced friction
  • Easier cold weather starting
  • Improved engine response
  • Reduced exhaust emissions

Bi-Tron Engine Treatment is unique 100% pure petroleum-based metal treatment that is compatible with all motor oils, including synthetics. Bi-Tron Engine Treatment is engineered specifically for the internal combustion engine. Gasoline, diesel, natural gas or propane, it makes no difference. It is a metal treatment which utilizes an your engine oil base oil but is not intended to replace your engine’s oil. Your engine oil contains a package of oil additives designed to perform a variety of tasks crucial to engine performance.

Bi-Tron Engine Treatment coats all metal surfaces with a protective layer of molecules. Without Bi-Tron, within hours of turning your engine off, virtually no oil remains on engine parts; gravity will have drained it all into the oil sump. Ninety per cent of an engine’s wear occurs during cold starts in the first critical moments before the motor’s oil fully circulates. Bi-Tron Engine Treatment can help protect your engine from wear by providing a crucial layer of protection.

Bi-Tron Engine Treatment utilizes the package of additives present in your own oil and so takes on the characteristics of whichever oil it is used with, synthetic or mineral. Bi-Tron is most effective under the most severe operating conditions. Unlike many oil additives and engine treatments, Bi-Tron will not interfere with engineered tolerances and cannot adversely affect engine performance. Bi-Tron contains no solids of any kind. It contains no plastic particles or P.T.F.E. resins (Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene also more commonly know as Teflon). It contains no molybdenum disulfide or any potentially toxic and environmentally hazardous metals such as copper or lead or any other metal.

Bi-Tron helps break the vicious cycle of heat from friction expanding the metal resulting in more friction, which may ultimately cause engine failure. Conventional oil becomes less viscous at elevated temperatures and flows away from the heat. However Bi-Tron is actually attracted to any hot spots. These hot spots are areas where tighter engineering tolerances make for increased friction and therefore more heat and wear. With the increased temperature there will be an increase in available charge, which attracts more of the Bi-Tron molecules, bonding them to the metal surface. This provides crucial increased lubrication of the metal where it is needed most.

One other possible advantage of using the Bi-Tron products results from the reduction of friction. Without the wear occurring when two metal surfaces come into contact due to the buffer presented by two protective layers of Bi-Tron, there will be much fewer wear particles formed. Any that pre-exist treatment, will also be encased in their own protective envelope of Bi-Tron. These wear particles would normally increase the pace of the degradation of the oil, so using Bi-Tron can extend the life of your oil. We do not, however, endorse deviating in any manner from the manufacturer’s guidelines with respect to frequency of oil changes. Failure to regularly change your oil can result in the voiding of a manufacturer’s warranty. Using our products to reduce wear and improve lubrication CANNOT void a warranty. Generally it is not that oil is worn out that requires oil changes; more often it is that the package of additives in the oil will have been exhausted and require replenishment.

Bi-Tron may extend the useful life of the oil and allow it to work better for longer but we DO NOT recommend deviating from manufacturer’s warranty guidelines.

This unique, specially developed, time tested and proven product can be a tremendous boost to the efficiency of your automobile. To maximize these benefits, you should utilize the entire Bi-Tron product line: Fuel Conditioner to lubricate the upper engine and improve the burn characteristics of the fuel, thereby releasing more energy; Powertrain Formulation to reduce drag and friction down the drive train.


Use 8 ounces (236ml) of Bi-Tron Engine Treatment for every 1 gallon (4 Liters) of engine oil. This is 5% to 6% Bi-Tron Engine Treatment based on your crankcase capacity. For example, a 32 gallon truck crankcase would need 256 ounces (7.6 Liters or 2 gallons) of Bi-Tron Engine Treatment depending on the condition of the vehicle being treated.

Can be used in:

  • Diesel and gasoline passenger cars
  • Farm machinery
  • Motorcycles and scooters
  • Excavators
  • Construction equipment
  • Other off-road applications
  • Heavy duty diesel trucks
  • Light duty diesel trucks
  • Pumps
  • Diesel electrical generators
  • Diesel marine engines
  • Railroad engines
  • Mining equipment
  • Two-cycle engines


  • Extended oil change intervals
  • Lower fuel and oil consumption
  • Increased engine performance
  • Extends life of oil filters
  • Lower operating temperature and noise level
  • Eliminates much of the engine wear
  • The engine is protected in a wider range of temperatures
  • The engine is protected temporarily in case of loss of oil, or coolant


The following are pictures of drag racing-car engine that used Bi-Tron and was taken apart after 350 runs for inspection purposes. Dragster engines take a lot of abuse and are pushed to the limit with extreme torque-loads. They have to be rebuilt with most of engine parts replaced every 70 runs. With Bi-Tron as these pictures indicate, after 350 runs, the engine parts, including those that carry a lot of load, were found in excellent condition, totally clean of any build-up and with virtually no wear.

Piston-rod-bearing housing is completely clean of any deposit build-up. The bearing itself is clean of any scoring or scuffing, has its original thickness and its surface looks highly polished. After 350 runs, all the valve parts and the block are completely clean. Usually without Bi-Tron, they have all their surfaces covered with a thick layer of carbon deposit.

The piston on the left was taken out of a dragster engine after 70 runs without Bi-Tron. The piston skirt has severe scuffing. The piston on the right was taken out of an engine after 350 runs with Bi-Tron Engine Treatment. The piston has no signs of wear, is completely clean, and all the friction surfaces are polished.

A close-up of an upper end of a piston after 350 runs with Bi-Tron Engine Treatment. Since in Dragsters it is prohibited to use any fuel conditioners, only Engine Treatment was used. As you can see, there is carbon deposit above the upper ring, but none under it and lower. The ring surfaces are polished and clean. The cylinder skirt is completely clean. Because of the polishing effect of Engine Treatment, the tighter seal of the piston rings prevented the penetration of combustion gases into the oil system.

A close-up of a liner wall of one of the cylinders. After 350 runs it is clean and polished with no signs of wear (scoring or scuffing). In all the cylinders you can find traces of cross honing pattern of the original bore, indicating that virtually no wear took place.

“I have been using the Bi-Tron Fuel Conditioners for just over two months now and I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the performance of my vehicle. The increase in mileage per liter was gradual at first and has now reached an increase of 11 km per liter and that is in city driving. We have reached the conclusion that we will be using Bi-Tron in all of our vehicles. Now lets get to the product I am very excited about, the Bi-Tron Engine Treatment. I used to get an oil change every 3,000 km, now we can go 6,000 km between changes and the oil is still clean. The best part about this product is that the engine runs so much cooler thereby reducing friction and wear and keeping the costs of repair to a minimum. We really like saving money. We recommend Bi-Tron for any vehicle regardless of its age and you can bet I will recommend these products to my friends.”

Doug M.

“On a trip from Mission to Oyama, about 350km, in my 2000 Ford F350 Superduty crew cab, 4X4, 8′ box, powered by a V10, traveling via the Coquihalla I went up snow shed hill at 130 km, I still had lots of throttle left, and averaged 115 -118 km/h all the way. When I converted all the figures over I had made the trip at 16.8 miles to the gallon! Huge improvement!”

Jeff B.

“My friends were getting 23 miles per gallon. After I “Bi-Tronized” their vehicle they were receiving 28 miles per gallon.”

Tuula R.

“I bought some product and put it into my 1979 Volvo with 500,000 miles on it and now it runs like new. On top of that when using all the products with the Fuel Conditioner I am saving 25% on fuel using regular gas. I’m sold on Bi-Tron!”

Chris C.

“A retail customer of mine was driving when his oil pick up tube fell off inside the oil pan. He continued on (round trip of approx. 40km) with absolutely no oil circulation. He later found out the cause from his mechanic and now has come to the realization that the only thing that saved his engine was Bi-Tron’s products.”

Steve E.

Ocean Trawler

A fuel flow meter was attached to the trawler engine before using the Bi-Tron products. The trawler was used with the fuel flow meter for a considerable time at varying RPM both steaming and trawling before adding the Bi-Tron product.

Below is a table of performances noted after only adding the Bi-Tron Engine Treatment.

Litres per hour of steaming:
RPM Before 6 hours after 24 hours after % Increase in Efficiency
1000 13 12 11 15.38%
1100 17.5 15.5 14 20.00%
1200 22 19.5 18 18.18%
1300 26 23 21.5 17.31%
1400 29.5 26 24 18.64%
1500 33 29 27.5 16.67%
1600 37 33.5 32 13.51%
1700 41 37 35 14.63%
1800 46 41 40 13.04%
1900 52 47 45 13.46%
2000 58.5 56.5 58 0.85%
2100 65 61 58 10.77%
2200 77 67.5 65 15.58%
Litres per hour of trawling:
RPM Before 6 hours after 24 hours after % Increase in Efficiency
1500 38.5 36 35 9.09%
1600 40.5 40 39.5 2.47%
1700 45 42 40 11.11%
1800 50 48 46 8.00%
1900 58 55 54 6.90%
2000 66 65 62 6.06%

Hydraulic Bailer

Prior to Bi-Tronizing a 80 gallon hydraulic bailer the client was receiving two full days of work from the machine. After Bi-Tronizing it they are now receiving an amazing full extra day which positively affects their bottom line on a day to day basis and dramatically boosts on an annual basis!

Overseas Quarry

Bi-Tron Engine Treatment was added to a 800KVA Cummins generator after it was in service for 5,000 hours. They experienced an average of 10% reduction in fuel consumption within a few weeks.

The quarry spent $7,690USD on Bi-Tron products. They estimated savings of at least $150,000USD on repairs, fuel and oil consumption.

After 30,000 hours, the engine was taken apart. All the pistons had piston-skirts and piston rings completely clean of any build- up. The rings looked like new and did not have any wear whatsoever.

All the liners were micro-measured. There was no wear and all the dimensions were within the manufacture’s specs of a new engine. Also, in all the liners, you could see distinct traces of the cross-honing pattern of the original bore and the liner surfaces looked polished and shiny.

At the same time, the repair shop had another similar engine that was in operation for 16,000 hours (that did not use Bi-Tron) and broke down.

Taxi Fleet – Letter from General Manager


As you know, we have been incurring serious maintenance problems with our fleet of 200 cab vehicles. On average, we have had 13 cabs per day in for an engine overhaul or replacement. The down time, parts and labour costs have been excessive. In an effort to reduce these costs we began to experiment with various oil additives in the hope of reducing wear and improving performance. We tested everything you can find on store shelves. Compression readings were taken prior to the adding of the various products mentioned. After two or three days no improvement in compression or overall performance was noted. In fact, several of the tested engines incurred build-up, pitting and/or had clogged oil filters. Our drivers reported that there were no fuel savings or improvement in performance. We still had an average of 13 cabs down each day!

We then tested the Bi-Tron Engine Treatment in nine of our units. To say the least we are quite pleased with the results. Before adding Bi-Tron, the compression reading of each vehicle was taken and found to be between 90 and 150. All had engines with problems or expected to have a maintenance problem in a short time, with poor performance and fuel consumption.

The cabs were treated with Bi-Tron according to instructions and road-tested for two days with the following results:

    • 1. Compression readings ranged between 149 and 154.

(Note: 154 is equivalent to that expected from a brand new engine).

  • 2. Increased power and performance were reported by the drivers.
  • 3. The Bi-Tron treated cabs ran quieter and smoother.
  • 4. The average operating temperature was reduced by 20 degrees (190 to 170).
  • 5. Drivers reported mileage improvement.
  • 6. An engine treated with Bi-Tron was disassembled and inspected. It was found clean, had no build-up and the surfaces appeared to be polished.

As a result of the above, we are now using your product in our entire fleet.


1. How often should an engine be treated with Bi-Tron Engine Treatment?

Every scheduled oil change at a ratio of 5% to 6% of your crankcase capacity. 8% to 10% when using Bi-Tron Engine Treatment for the first time.

2. Will Bi-Tron void my manufacturer’s warranty?

No, absolutely not. Your new vehicle warranty actually covers the quality of material and workmanship that went into assembling your vehicle. Protecting the moving metal parts in your vehicle with a protective lubricating layer cannot void that warranty.

3. Can I use Bi-Tron in 2 cycle applications?

Yes, treat two-stroke oil at 10% with Bi-Tron Engine Treatment. Treat the fuel at 1 to 2oz (30 to 60ml) of Bi-Tron Fuel Conditioner for every 10 gallons (44L) of gasoline. There is no application that needs Bi-Tron more!

4. Will Bi-Tron affect the performance of a wet clutch?

No, Bi-Tron Engine Treatment cannot and will not cause the clutch to slip or malfunction in any way.

5. Do I need Bi-Tron in my new vehicle?

Yes, absolutely. If you want to help prevent premature wear. 90% of engine wear and damage occurs at start up, when your oil is in the sump, whether your car is new or older. Bi-Tron can help provide protection at start up and may prevent some of that damage.

6. Can Bi-Tron Engine Treatment be used with synthetic oils?

Yes, Bi-Tron Engine Treatment is compatible with all synthetic oils.

8. Will Bi-Tron Engine Treatment fix pre-existing problems?

No, Bi-Tron Engine Treatment is designed to protect against friction and heat. Bi-Tron Engine Treatment cannot be used to repair parts that are at the failing point or any pre-existing mechanical problems.

9. After Bi-Tron Engine Treatment is installed do I still need to change my oil according to the manufacturer’s specifications?

Yes, Bi-Tron is not a replacement for regular scheduled maintenance. Bi-Tron may extend the working life of your oil but manufacturer’s may void warranties unless regular service schedules are maintained.

10. Can Bi-Tron Engine Treatment damage the seals in my engine?

No, far from it. Bi-Tron can actually rejuvenate your engine’s seals to an extent. It will not, however, repair damaged seals. It is not a detergent but does have detergent like properties. It may remove build up that has been deposited around seals allowing them to reseat. There is no way Bi-Tron can cause a seal to fail.

11. What’s in it?

Revealing intricate details of this formula would be unwise from a business competition viewpoint. Are you aware of what is in the oil products you presently use for your vehicles? We can assure you that Bi-Tron uses only the highest quality, tested and proven technology and ingredients. Suffice to say there is no part of our product that can cause any harm. They contain no solids, no PTFE, no lead, zinc, molybdenum or copper. No solids of any kind. Nothing to clog up, plug or damage anything. It is non acidic, non caustic, well balanced, thoroughly researched, time tested and proven, with almsot two decades of satisfied users worldwide.


Bi-Tron gives you access to revolutionary next generation lubrication technology with a proven track record of reducing harmful exhaust emissions and increasing fuel efficiency. Our exclusive line of time-tested products can:

  • Help improve the quality of the air we breathe
  • Reduce landfill & petroleum product waste
  • Protect your investment
  • Reduce your operating and maintenance expense