"Prior to using Bitron's products I got 500km per tank of gas. After using the products I am reaching 600km per tank!" - Patrick V., Bitron Customer

Synthetic Penetrating Lubricant - 8oz

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Bitron Synthetic Penetrating Lubricant, or "Pen Lube", is an all purpose lubricant but "on steroids". One spray will easily loosen stuck bolts or parts or lubricate drill bits and extend their lifespan. The unique Bitron ionic bond created with metal lasts and lasts without the need for frequent re-application, and so will your bottle of Pen Lube! It can be used for the simplest home needs or the most challenging industrial applications - 1000's of them! 

Bitron Pen Lube contains a scientifically blended formula containing the unique Bitron metal treatment technology which coats and protects metal with a layer of polarized oil molecules. 


  • 1000’s of uses
  • Advanced high performance lubricant
  • Lubricates while it penetrates
  • Protects against rust and breaks down corrosion
  • Speeds up drilling and tapping
  • Reduces noise and eliminates wear
  • Cleans and retards electrical corrosion
Bitron Synthetic Penetrating Lubricant is highly recommended for general machine shop work, drilling and tapping. For high volume, heavy duty applications, Bitron  Synthetic Powertrain and Hydraulic Gear Treatment may be a more suitable choice.