"Prior to using Bitron's products I got 500km per tank of gas. After using the products I am reaching 600km per tank!" - Patrick V., Bitron Customer

Synthetic Engine Treatment - 16oz

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Increase power, efficiency and engine life, reduce noise and emissions


Bitron Synthetic Engine Treatment is a unique 100% pure synthetic oil treatment additive that is compatible with all motor oils. Bitron oil additive coats all metal surfaces with a protective layer of molecules resulting in incredible protection, lower friction and extended engine life. This means more power, durability and efficiency plus fuel and maintenance savings for you. Best of all, results are 100% guaranteed, as they have been for over 25 years!


Bitron Benefits


  • Extends oil change intervals and oil filter life
  • Lowers fuel and oil consumption
  • Increases engine performance
  • Lowers operating temperature and noise level
  • Eliminates or reduces engine wear
  • Protects engine in a wider range of temperatures (extreme cold or heat)
  • Engine is temporarily protected in case of loss of oil or coolant
  • Reduces emissions
  • Protects your investment
  • Reduces operating and maintenance expenses
  • Reduces landfill and petroleum product waste


Test Results


Bitron Synthetic Engine Treatment is engineered specifically for the internal combustion engine and gives you access to revolutionary next generation oil treatment lubrication technology with a proven 25 year track record.

In third party testing, Bitron treated oil drastically outperformed untreated oil in terms of wear reduction. Wear test results:

Bitron Oil Treatment Wear Test Results

The image above shows the white light interferometer and SEM image wear results on metal with treated and untreated oil. Wear volume in treated oil is more than an order of magnitude smaller than in the untreated oil. That is more than 10 TIMES LESS WEAR when engine oil is treated with Bitron! The wear reducing effect in the treated oil is more pronounced with higher test load - the higher the load, the more protection there is! Amazingly, greater load had no effect on the wear reducing effectiveness of the Bitron treated oil!

Bitron's unique, specially developed, time tested and proven oil additive and fuel additive technology can be a tremendous boost to the efficiency and longevity of your car or equipment. To maximize these benefits, you should utilize the entire Bitron product line: Gasoline or Diesel Conditioner to protect and lubricate the upper engine and improve the burn characteristics of the fuel, thereby releasing more energy; Powertrain Formulation to protect and reduce drag and friction in the drive train.

 Bitron Oil Treatment Wear Test Comparison

Heavy Duty Protection

Bitron oil treatment in Racing

For more information about Bitron oil additive, directions for use, frequently asked questions and example of racing success click on the links below:

Bitron Technology

Bitron Synthetic Engine Treatment is engineered specifically for the internal combustion engine as an oil additive. Gasoline, diesel, natural gas or propane, it makes no difference. It is a metal treating oil additive which enhances your engine's base oil. Bitron is not intended to replace your engine’s oil because your engine oil contains a package of its own special oil additives designed to perform a variety of tasks crucial to engine performance.

Bitron Synthetic Engine Treatment coats all metal surfaces with a protective layer of molecules. This unique molecular bond holds at all times. Without Bitron, within hours of turning your engine off, virtually no oil remains on engine parts; gravity will have drained it all into the oil sump. Over ninety per cent of an engine’s wear occurs during cold starts in the first critical moments before the engine oil fully circulates. Bitron Synthetic Engine Treatment will protect your engine from wear by providing a crucial additional layer of protection.

Bitron Synthetic Engine Treatment, as a unique high performance oil additive, utilizes the package of additives present in your engine oil and takes on the characteristics of whichever oil it is used with, synthetic or mineral. Bitron Synthetic Engine Treatment is even more effective under severe operating conditions as the molecular bond increases with heat. Unlike many oil additives and engine treatments, Bitron will not interfere with engineered tolerances and cannot adversely affect engine performance. Bitron contains no solids of any kind and is completely non-corrosive. It contains no plastic particles or P.T.F.E. resins (Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene also more commonly know as Teflon). It contains no molybdenum disulfide or any potentially toxic and environmentally hazardous metals such as copper or lead or any other metal.

Bitron Synthetic Engine Treatment helps break the vicious cycle of heat from friction expanding the metal resulting in more friction, which may ultimately cause engine failure. Conventional oil becomes less viscous at elevated temperatures and flows away from the heat. Bitron Synthetic Engine Treatment is actually attracted to hot spots. These hot spots are areas where tighter engineering tolerances make for increased friction and therefore more heat and wear. With the increased temperature there will be an increase in available charge, which attracts more of the unique Bitron oil additive molecules, bonding them to the metal surface. This provides crucial increased wear protection and lubrication of the metal where it is needed most.

Main advantage of using Bitron products results from the wear reduction due to friction. Without the wear occurring when two metal surfaces come into contact due to the buffer presented by two protective layers of Bitron, there will be fewer wear particles formed. Any that pre-exist treatment will also be encased in their own protective envelope of Bitron molecules. This limits their negative impact on metal surfaces. These wear particles would normally increase the pace of the degradation of the oil, therefore using Bitron oil additive can extend the life of your oil. We do not, however, endorse deviating in from the manufacturer’s guidelines with respect to frequency of oil changes. Failure to regularly change your oil can result in the voiding of a manufacturer’s warranty. Using Bitron products to reduce wear and improve lubrication CANNOT void a warranty. Generally it is not that oil is worn out that requires oil changes; more often it is that the package of additives in the oil will have been exhausted and require replenishment.

Bitron Synthetic Engine Treatment may extend the useful life of the oil and allow it to work better for longer but we DO NOT recommend deviating from manufacturer’s warranty guidelines.

Application Directions

Initial Application

For the initial application, add Bitron Engine Treatment at a 10% ratio to your engine's oil capacity or one 473ml/16 oz bottle for every 5L (5 quarts) of new oil.

Repeat Applications

Add 5% or 236ml/8oz, or one half bottle, for every 5L (5 quarts) of oil the next oil change and each time thereafter. Do not overfill.

Older, Heavy Duty and Special Cases

Older, heavy duty, or engines with abnormally dirty oil can be treated with 10% Bitron Synthetic Engine Treatment at first AND second application followed by 5% or 8oz for every 5L (5 quarts) the next application and each time thereafter.


Bitron Synthetic Engine Treatment may be used as a high performance premium oil additive in these applications and any others using a mineral or synthetic base oil:

  • Diesel and gasoline passenger cars
  • Farm equipment
  • Motorcycles and scooters
  • Excavators
  • Construction equipment
  • Off-road applications
  • Heavy duty diesel trucks
  • Light duty diesel trucks
  • Pumps
  • Diesel electrical generators
  • Diesel marine engines
  • Railroad engines
  • Mining equipment
  • Two-cycle engines


1. How often should an engine be treated with Bitron Engine Treatment?
Every scheduled oil change at a ratio of 5% of your crankcase capacity. 10% when using Bitron Synthetic Engine Treatment for the first time.

2. Will Bitron void my manufacturer’s warranty?
No, absolutely not. Your new vehicle warranty actually covers the quality of material and workmanship that went into assembling your vehicle. Protecting the moving metal parts in your vehicle with a protective lubricating layer cannot void that warranty.

3. Can I use Bitron in 2 cycle applications?
Yes, treat two-stroke oil at 10% with Bitron Engine Treatment. Treat the fuel at 1 to 2oz (30 to 60ml) of Bitron Gasoline Conditioner for every 10 gallons (44L) of gasoline. There is no application that needs Bitron more!

4. Will Bitron affect the performance of a wet clutch? No, Bitron Engine Treatment cannot and will not cause the clutch to slip or malfunction in any way.

5. Do I need Bitron in my new vehicle?
Yes, absolutely. If you want to help prevent premature wear. 90% of engine wear and damage occurs at start up, when your oil is in the sump, whether your car is new or older. Bitron can help provide protection at start up and may prevent some of that damage.

6. Can Bitron Engine Treatment be used with synthetic oils?
Yes, Bitron Engine Treatment is compatible with all synthetic oils.

8. Will Bitron Engine Treatment fix pre-existing problems?
No, Bitron Engine Treatment is designed to protect against friction and heat. Bitron Engine Treatment cannot be used to repair parts that are at the failing point or any pre-existing mechanical problems.

9. After Bitron Engine Treatment is installed do I still need to change my oil according to the manufacturer’s specifications?
Yes, Bitron is not a replacement for regular scheduled maintenance. Bitron may extend the working life of your oil but manufacturer's may void warranties unless regular service schedules are maintained.

10. Can Bitron Engine Treatment damage the seals in my engine?
No, far from it. Bitron can actually rejuvenate your engine’s seals to an extent. It will not, however, repair damaged seals. It is not a detergent but does have detergent like properties as it seeks out metal to bond to. In that way it may remove build up that has been deposited around seals allowing them to reseat. There is no way Bitron can cause a seal to fail.

11. What’s in it?
Revealing intricate details of this formula would be unwise from a business competition viewpoint. Are you aware of what is in the oil products you presently use for your vehicles? We can assure you that Bitron uses only the highest quality, tested and proven technology and ingredients. Suffice to say there is no part of our product that can cause any harm. They contain no solids, no PTFE, no lead, zinc, molybdenum or copper. No solids of any kind. Nothing to clog up, plug or damage anything. It is non acidic, non caustic, non corrosive, well balanced, thoroughly researched, time tested and proven, with 25 years of satisfied users worldwide.


Drag Racing

DragsterThe following are pictures of drag racing-car engine that used Bitron and was taken apart after 350 runs for inspection purposes. Dragster engines take a lot of abuse and are pushed to the limit with extreme torque-loads. They have to be rebuilt with most of engine parts replaced every 70 runs. With Bitron as these pictures indicate, after 350 runs, the engine parts, including those that carry a lot of load, were found in excellent condition, totally clean of any build-up and with virtually no wear.

Drag Engine RockersPiston-rod-bearing housing is completely clean of any deposit build-up. The bearing itself is clean of any scoring or scuffing, has its original thickness and its surface looks highly polished. After 350 runs, all the valve parts and the block are completely clean. Usually without Bitron, they have all their surfaces covered with a thick layer of carbon deposit.

PistonsThe piston on the left was taken out of a dragster engine after 70 runs without Bitron. The piston skirt has severe scuffing. The piston on the right was taken out of an engine after 350 runs with Bitron Engine Treatment. The piston has no signs of wear, is completely clean, and all the friction surfaces are polished.

Piston Close UpA close-up of an upper end of a piston after 350 runs with Bitron Engine Treatment. Since in dragsters it is prohibited to use any fuel conditioners, only Engine Treatment was used. As you can see, there is carbon deposit above the upper ring, but none under it and lower. The ring surfaces are polished and clean. The cylinder skirt is completely clean. Because of the polishing effect of Engine Treatment, the tighter seal of the piston rings prevented the penetration of combustion gases into the oil system.

Bitron ProtectionThe liner wall of one of the cylinders was also clean after 350 runs. It was found clean and polished with no signs of wear (scoring or scuffing). In all the cylinders you can find traces of cross honing pattern of the original bore, indicating that virtually no wear took place over 350 runs.

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bill n.
Canada Canada

improved gas mileage

i have had to keep close track of my mileage...before adding bitron in my 93 audi i used $15 to go on a round trip to two towns in my area...now after bitron oil and gas conditioner...i am using $8 for that same trip

Brian Z.
United States United States

Oil change

First time for using this product in my dodge ram diesel has only been in 300 miles but seems to have made the engine run quieter and running cooler on hot days this product I think has been what I've been looking for will continue to use can't wait until next oil change to see if oil change can be extended.

A Bitron Lubricants Customer
Donald C.
United States United States

Love this additive! 230k on my tundra and runs strong as ever!

2nd gen tundras have a distinctive sound to the motors. It almost sounds like a diesel(nature of these motors). I find bitron makes it less noticeable. Much quieter.

Sam L.


I love this stuff – had an old car that someone at the oil change place forgot to put the oil back in AND had loosened the tranny filter thinking it was oil and put back on breaking the seal – CAN YOU SAY BUMBLERS? Tranny fluid trail down the road. The sound became terrible. Towed back to oil change place and THEY discovered no oil but I had used Bitron in crankcase before - nothing seized or damaged. I put a bottle of the Bitron Powetrain in and tranny never made another sound and ran for two years until sold to guy who drove two more years!!! Never blew up. Motor never made a peep. Would not have even looked at the engine oil had the tranny filter not leaked. Incredible stuff!!!!

Howard F.
United States United States

Long Ago Convinced Bitron Is The Best.

I had a 2005 Chevy Express cargo van that I put 738,000 on it. Bitron is the reason.