What Do Our Customers Say?

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What Do Our Customers Say?

Bitron has been around since the early 90's. In that time a lot has changed, however, the ability of Bitron to deliver results has not. Most recently the formula has become fully synthetic and even more effective in newer lubricants and engines. Furthermore, Bitron Diesel and Gasoline Conditioners have undergone an update as ethanol is more prevalent in fuels and rules become more stringent. Simply, Bitron is more effective than ever before!

Customer Feedback

Check out some of these recent Bitron customer product reviews:

"Bitron Powertrain treatment saved my tranny, I’ve used Bitron for over 10 years and have had only great results under extreme tests." Ricky C.

"My fuel efficiency went up by 20%. I have used Bitron for over 10 years now. A great product!" - Trayton G.

"My experience with this product was amazing. I recently had an oil change where I included 1 quart of Bitron. The results were simply amazing. My vehicle ran smoother and I got almost 15% better gas mileage. Thanks Bitron!" - Isaac H.

"First time I used this product almost 20 years ago, and it saved my car engine then (I let my friend use the car, and she never checked the oil level, when I got my car back there was almost no oil left). This time I don't expect anything so dramatic. I'm just going to use this as a safety measure." - Piotr B.

"I have just bought 2 bottles of Bitron oil additive for my 2012 Honda Accord. I have been a satisfied Bitron customer for many years, going thru 3 different Hondas during that 15 year period. Whether or not the car was practically new (less than 5,000 miles) or going on 60,000 miles (when I usually sell them), Bitron has noticeably reduced engine noise, stress, and given me strong, clean performance every time. Arizona weather is tough on cars but I've had good performance with Bitron. I only wish it were available at my local auto shop!" - Dr. Snow

"I had a 2005 Chevy Express cargo van that I put 738,000 on it. Bitron is the reason." - Howard F.

"I love this stuff – had an old car that someone at the oil change place forgot to put the oil back in AND had loosened the tranny filter thinking it was oil and put back on breaking the seal – CAN YOU SAY BUMBLERS? Tranny fluid trail down the road. The sound became terrible. Towed back to oil change place and THEY discovered no oil but I had used Bitron in crankcase before - nothing seized or damaged. I put a bottle of the Bitron Powetrain in and tranny never made another sound and ran for two years until sold to guy who drove two more years!!! Never blew up. Motor never made a peep. Would not have even looked at the engine oil had the tranny filter not leaked. Incredible stuff!!!!" - Sam L.

"I have been using the Gasoline Conditioner for years, both in my personal cars and motorcycles and in my customers cars. The effects of ethanol in today's gasoline, along with the dubious quality of the gas itself is so harmful to expensive injection systems that you need to use additives to protect your machines. Bitron fuel conditioner is by far the best stuff I've found. I can feel the difference in my cars & my customers say they do too." - Richard M.

"I can smell burning oil a little from the exhaust since I'm down-piped, but as soon as I used Bitron the odor went away." - Christopher R.

"I used Powertrain Treatment in my power steering, of my 98 Chev 1500 pu, when it was making noise and running hot. It quit making noise and cooled down. I also just finished adding Bi-tron to my 2011 Chev Traverse engine oil, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, transfer and rear diff fluids. This vehicle only has 71000 miles on it and I am trying to make the drive train last longer than what is normal for this model year traverse." - Don N.

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