Drag racing engine Bitron success story

Drag racing engine Bitron success story

This is one of our favorite racing customer stor​ies​! ​The images provided are clear examples of wear that can be prevented with Bitron even in the most extreme operating conditions. ​

The following ​images are of a drag racing car engine that used Bitron Engine Treatment. The engine was taken apart after 350 runs for inspection. ​Drag racing engines take a lot of abuse during their quick 1/4 mile runs and are pushed to the limit with extreme torque​ loads.

Amazingly, drag racing engine have to be rebuilt frequently with most of engine parts replaced every 70 runs. However, not with Bitron!

Piston rod bearingsAs you can see, the piston rod bearing housing is completely clean of any deposit build-up. The bearing itself is clean of any scoring or scuffing, has its original thickness and its surface looks highly polished. After 350 runs, all the valve parts and the block are completely clean. Usually without Bitron, they have all their surfaces covered with a thick layer of carbon deposit.

Piston comparisonThe piston on the left was taken out after only 70 runs out of a​n​ engine ​without Bitron. The piston skirt has severe scuffing. The piston on the right was taken out of an engine after 350 runs with Bitron Engine Treatment. The Bitron treated engine was in operation 5 times longer! The piston has no signs of wear, is completely clean, and all the friction surfaces are polished.

Piston detailA close-up of an upper end of a piston after 350 runs with Bitron Engine Treatment. Since in dragsters it is prohibited to use any fuel conditioners, only Bitron Engine Treatment was used. As you can see, there is carbon deposit above the upper ring, but none under it and lower. The ring surfaces are polished and clean and the cylinder skirt is completely clean. Because of the polishing effect of Bitron Engine Treatment oil additive, the tighter seal of the piston rings prevented the penetration of combustion gases into the oil system.

Piston skirt detailFinally, the liner wall of one of the cylinders was also clean after 350 runs. It was found clean and polished with no signs of wear (scoring or scuffing). In all the cylinders you can find traces of cross honing pattern of the original bore, indicating that virtually no wear took place over 350 runs.

Bitron's unique, time tested and proven oil additive and fuel additive technology can be a tremendous boost to the efficiency and longevity of your car or equipment under any operating conditions.

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