Bitron Goes Synthetic


Why Synthetics and what are they?


Synthetic Motor Oils are lubricants that are generated through two different processes.

The first, consists of chemical compounds that are artificially made by chemically modifying petroleum components rather than whole crude oil.

The second process, which Bitron uses, is achieved by hydro treating crude oil at 3000 PSI in hydrogen to produce a 99.9% pure water white, clear base oil that can be refined. This process generates Groups III, IV and V base oils that are so pure that they have no colour, taste or odour!

The more pure the base oil, the more resilient the oil for withstanding both very low and extremely high temperatures. This base oil, which is the base to all Bitron products, can extend oil drain intervals by up to 50%, while increasing the life of the engine and drive-line.

While mineral based, or solvent refined base oils are referred to as Group I and Group II and are less expensive to produce, they are also less effective in wear reduction and have a much shorter useful life.

Both Group I and Group II oils carry a rather high percentage of impurities ( 5% or more ). This reduces the life of the oil, generates more sludge while relying on a higher percentage of additive pack to make them resistant against extreme pressure wear.

The process that BITRON uses ensures that there are less impurities ( less than .01% ) in the BITRON Base Oil which means a longer effective life, reduced sludge, reduced engine wear, better milage and less impurities out of the tail pipe.


BITRON, the leader, with a proven track record over the last 20 years , now gives you access to a revolutionary ‘next generation’ lubrication technology.