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Recent Reviews

Been using this product for 20 years now. It really does work! Just changed oil in front & rear diffs & transfer case, as well as in the engine. Noticed a major increase in MPG. Motor temp is running cooler too due to less friction.

Ihor C. // Verified Buyer

My experience with this product was amazing. I recently had an oil change where I included 1 quart of Bitron. The results were simply amazing. My vehicle ran smoother and I got almost 15% better gas mileage.

Isaac H. // Verified Buyer

My fuel efficiency went up by 20%. I have used Bitron for over 10 years now. A great product!

Trayton G. // Verified Buyer

Our Vision

Our vision at Bitron is to use advanced, cutting edge technology to coat all metal surfaces of your engine with a protective layer of molecules resulting in lower friction, and increasing engine longevity. With over 25 years of oil additive, drive train treatment and fuel enhancement experience, Bitron results are 100% guaranteed, and proven time and time again.