Bi-Tron Tire Safety Solution

Guaranteed to instantly seal and permanently repair punctures of up to .25" in diameter in the tread area of a tire!

- Maintains correct tire pressure
- Improves tread life and fuel consumption
- Seals tire and wheel against air loss
- Helps preserve the rubber
- Dissipates tread heat
- Will perform for the life of the tire
- Removes the #1 cause of vehicle immobilization
- Reduces accidents caused by under-inflation
- Improves the safety and security of loved ones
- Environmentally safe
- Cannot void new tire warranties
- Cannot cause balancing problems

Application Amount Calculator

Use this calulator to find out the exact amount of Bi-Tron Tire Safety Solution to be used in your tires.

Under inflated tires wear out faster, waste fuel (statistics indicate that they increase fuel consumption by as much as 10%) and are unsafe. Installing Natureline's Bi-Tron Tire Safety Solution in your tires will maintain your tire pressure at the correct level and increase tire life by as much as 25%. The 10% percent savings on your fuel bill by having your tires remain at the correct pressure means 10% less fuel is burnt. This not only conserves fuel but prevents it from entering the atmosphere as vehicular emissions (10% of 4 tonnes (amount of emissions emited by a small car) on an annual basis makes a significant impact).

Your tires themselves are manufactured from oil. Each of the four tires on your car can take as much as half a barrel of crude oil to manufacture. By using Bi-Tron Tire Safety Solution to extend tire life, you are reducing the number of old tires that end up in landfills or burning sites, creating waste and air pollution.

The unique Bi-Tron Tire Safety Solution is unconditionally guaranteed to seal punctures of up to .25" diameter in the tread area of a tire, instantly and permanently, while driving. Bi-Tron Tire Safety Solution is a preventive measure to use before you get a flat tire. It is a non toxic, non flammable formulation which is installed inside the tires and remains there for the life of the tire, additionally helping eliminate under-inflation. Properly inflated tires last 20 25% longer and provide extra fuel economy. Under-inflated tires can add 10% to a car's fuel costs!

Bi-Tron Tire Safety Solution is engineered to be compatible with all motorbike tires, passenger automobile tires and even light truck tires (with or without inner tube) at pressures of up to 60 psi.

Bi-Tron Tire Safety Solution utilize a complex chemistry of chemicals, fibres and liquids shown to be effective in extreme temperatures. Bi-Tron Tire Safety Solution remains liquid for the life of the tire and is distributed via centrifugal force. It does not affect the balance of the tire - should a tire not be properly balanced prior to installation of Bi-Tron Tire Safety Solution, or go out of balance at some point thereafter, it is simple to re-balance again. This is necessary to evenly distribute the Tire Safety Solution around the tire so it is not a factor in balancing the wheel. When a puncture occurs, thousands of strong, interlocking fibers form instantly in and around the puncture preventing the loss of air permanently for the remaining life of the tire.

In addition, Tire Safety Solution contains a rust inhibitor, protecting rims, valve stems, or steel belts on tires, and will not affect warranties on tires or wheels. Bi-Tron Tire Safety Solution is odourless, non flammable, will not damage clothing and is environmentally safe for discharge into a sewer system.

Does not contain synthetic latex or solvent based plasticizers (which can dry out, ball-up, or break down due to heat).

Before Installation

When installing in new tires we recommend that they be balanced and road tested before the installation of Bi-Tron Tire Safety Solution.

This product is not compatible with fluid filled or internally ridged tires. V or Z rated tires and Goodyear Eagle GA have internal structures which interfere with the even distribution of the product.

Self Sealing Tires such as Vogue, Uniroyal Royal Seal, Goodyear self sealing contain chemicals which will negate the sealing properties of our Tire Safety Solution.

Application Amount Calculator

Use this calulator to find out the exact amount of Bi-Tron Tire Safety Solution to be used in your tires.

It is imperative that the Tire Safety Solution be well shaken before it is installed since the fibers separate out if it is left to stand for long periods. Simply go to your local service station and use their air facilities. Park your vehicle so that the valve stems are at either 5 or 7 o'clock position and place the vehicle jack in the recommended place for the wheel you wish to install Tire Safety Solution in. There is no need to lift the vehicle just snug the jack up to the jacking point so that it can supply support when the air is removed. Using the metal valve stem remover found in the accompanying plastic bag, remove the centre of the valve so that the air rushes out. Snip the end from the pointed cap and place the plastic tube over the hole and the other end over the valve stem. Turn the bottle upside down and add the required amount of Tire Safety Solution.

For tires with air pressure between 25-50psi which travel in excess of 30 MPH use:

13" & 14" rimmed tires use 120ml (4oz) per tire;
15" & 16" rims use 180ml (6oz) per tire.
Light Truck and SUV 15" & 16" tires use 240ml (8oz) per tire.

If in doubt as to how much to use email with the tire measurements and specifications. For example, 165 / 70 R13.

Replace the valve core and re-inflate to the recommended pressure. Repeat the procedure for each tire. Please keep in mind the Tire Safety Solution will not be fully installed until the tire has been driven for a short distance (8km (5 miles) minimum).

Can be used in:

  • Passenger cars
  • Farm machinery
  • Motorcycles and scooters
  • Excavators
  • Construction equipment
  • Other off-road applications
  • Heavy duty diesel trucks
  • Light duty diesel trucks
  • Wheelchairs

Removal of Puncture Object

When an object is discovered in the tread of a tire that is treated with Bi-Tron Tire Safety Solution there are three easy steps to follow:

1. Check the air pressure in the affected tire and if required add air. We recommend that you add a little extra (5 to 10 psi) but do not go over the pressure restrictions for the product and the tire that you are using.
2. Remove the object from the tire and drive immediately.
3. Drive around the block, check to see that the tire is sealed and then drive for a minimum of 8km or 5 miles and then recheck tire pressure and adjust as required.

The heat from road friction is required to cure the product and effect a permanent seal.

The Bi-Tron Tire Safety Solution is designed as a preventive measure and is not guaranteed to work in previously punctured tires. However, if you find a puncture object in the tread of the tire prior to installing Bi-Tron Tire Safety Solution, it may not be too late. Add Tire Safety Solution as described above, then, BEFORE removing the object inflate the tire and drive the vehicle around the block a few times to complete the installation procedure.

Please Note: Merely rotating the tire or spinning it on a tire balancer is not sufficient.

Once the Tire Safety Solution is fully installed check the tire pressure then remove the object and immediately drive off. This should permanently seal the hole. If not enough Tire Safety Solution is used, the tire pressure is low or if the puncture object is removed before the Tire Safety Solution is fully installed, then a partial seal will form which will prevent the Tire Safety Solution from sealing the hole permanently. In these cases, or should a tire get a side wall puncture or a rip (which the Tire Safety Solution unfortunately will not permanently seal) it is simple to apply a patch without losing the Tire Safety Solution. Remove the tire from the wheel, wipe the area of the hole with a damp cloth and apply the patch. The Tire Safety Solution will not affect the mended area or the warranty of the tire.


1. Tire Safety Solution maintains optimum product performance in temperatures ranging from -35F to +250F
2. In extreme dry climates and for low quality or old tires it is advisable to add 25-50% more product.
3. If you come out in the morning and your Tire Safety Solution treated tire is flat, all you need to do is to re-inflate the tire, drive the vehicle for 8 km (5 miles) and then follow the Tire Safety Solution Removal of Puncture Object directions. Remember Tire Safety Solution did not let you down. It kept your tire from going flat while driving and kept you from having to do a roadside repair possibly in inclement weather!

Balancing a New Tire

The preferred procedure is to balance the tire before installing Bi-Tron Tire Safety Solution, then you can install the product and no additional balancing is necessary.

Re-balancing a Tire

1. Place the tire on the balancer and spin it. DO NOT let this spinning motion stop. When the spin cycle has stopped, IMMEDIATELY re-engage the machine to spin again. Repeat the cycle until the reading is consistent. (It can possibly take ten or more cycles on some machines to achieve a consistent reading).
2. As quickly as possible after the tire stops spinning, apply the necessary weight to the inside of the tire.
3. Begin the spinning process again, not allowing the tire to stop spinning. (If the machine stops for any length of time, the solution can settle to the bottom of the tire and you could possible have to start again).
4. When the readings are again constant, allow the tire to stop spinning and IMMEDIATELY apply the last weight.
5. Begin the process again. When the readings are consistently within the proper range (".25-.00" or "0. 25-.25") the tire is properly balanced.

IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO BALANCE A NEW TIRE after installing Bi-Tron IF the tire has been previously balanced. If it becomes necessary to re-balance a tire due to time and wear on the tire or if the tire was improperly balanced in the first place, the following procedures MUST be followed.

In the event that a tire (new or used) must be balanced immediately after installing Tire Safety Solution, the following procedure must be followed:

1.After the new tire has been properly mounted, place it on the balancer and spin the tire. Inspect the tire and wheel to make sure there are no abnormalities, such as out of round, exterior sidewall bulging, or bent wheel.
2.Remove the tire from the machine and install the proper amount of Tire Safety Solution. Because the product must evenly spread over the interior surface of the tire, it is necessary, before balancing, to roll the tire several times on the floor at a 45-degree angle. This should be done on both sides.
3. Follow the procedures listed above for Re-Balancing a Tire.

In some rare circumstances, it is possible to notice a slight balance problem for the first five miles of driving after installing Tire Safety Solution. There is no reason for concern unless it continues after the first few miles of driving.